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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

in the sunshine

So, I decided hey it's a holiday this week. And hey, I homeschool. Let's take the week off! So we are. Although we did our letter journey yesterday and I have planned things for the week about thanksgiving. So not really, but kinda, ha.

I love this holiday time, family, food, gratitude (rather than panic over giving and or getting the right gifts). Although, does anyone feel a bit funny telling the sanitized version of the first thanksgiving to their kids? Ergh... I've read too much Howard Zinn I guess. It's not a lie to say they were grateful to have survived their first year though. No need to get into the massacres and slaughter and stealing of land... Yet... Ha. How is that for light and happy thanksgiving post?? Oops, sorry!

In any case it's sunny and gorgeous and we have some books on Pilgrims and some stories of Native American harvest time to balance it out, ha. And of course, some turkey crafts to do and pies to bake.

But for now, coffee in the sunshine with my babies. And yes, I am thankful.


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