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Saturday, November 10, 2012

a thankfulness tree

I say, hey kids we are going to make a thankfulness tree this year. Let's GO! And little miss says "what is fankful?" (we have an f/th confusion in our house)


It's when we have things in our life that make us happy. Like how eating cookies make you happy? (cookie? I wanna cookie mama!) forget the cookie. Or maybe things that happen that are good. (aunties coming to visit! Going bowling with dada!) Or things that make you a lucky girl. (freedom! A warm bed!)

Clearly we need to be talking about this more. But really, an attitude of thankfulness is something we all need to cultivate on our daily life, right?

So, we twisted up some packing paper leftover from the move (no! Don't throw that away! I'm gonna make a tree!!) and cut out some leaves and employed dada's staple gun to put it up.

And there you have it, a thankfulness tree. I think we are going to put the leaves up slowly over the next few weeks, to encourage more thinking about gratitude.

So what are you "fankful" for this year?
our thankfulness tree. which clearly need more leaves (as my
kids are yelling in the background because we turned off

So, I havent so much shown pictures of our school/family room. Here are some below. In totally random order because blogger on my phone wont let me upload them in a specific way?? Weird.

remember that felted tree i made? this is the finished product. i
kinda love it. (dont touch kids! that is MAMA'S tree. ha ha)
our alphabet pictures so far. N was my worst. umm, branches for the
nightingale to form the letter N?
our school area on the other side of the room. i love it. i was waiting
to show pictures until the room was finished, decorated, pillows made, clean, etc
but lets face it, that could be two years from now.
the other school corner. the tiled area will hold a wood stove shortly.
baby dear loves to drag around this basket of pinecones. its adorable.
gnomes hanging out with a goose.
i love this little nature corner on little man's desk. its so sweet.
a chalk drawing i just did for martinmas. dont know about martinmas?
another great feast day, this one to celebrate st. martin. more to come later....

our thankfulness tree. this is our tv/play area, with a set up for baby dear.
its always a mess.
so we made these two couches out of pallets and mattress.
so bohemian of me huh? i have big plans to make more pillows.
our shelf of nature findings. in the jar is a (dead) butterfly. a baggie
in the basket contains a squirrel tail from a coworker of dada's.
kinda cool. kinda ew.


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