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Friday, November 9, 2012

trying to get to the library

I have been trying to drag my children to our new library since the week we moved here. It's not that they don't want to go, they do, it's just every time I go to rally the troops toward the door they are engaged with some activity like this- playing chess with their play mobile figures "knight to e5," he says, and then he captures her fairy princess, then she says "awwww, well, baby to A7," in a teeny voice, and marches her baby over to capture his soldier guy.

It's hilarious.

Why on earth would I interrupt that to go to the library, right?

Also baby is super clingy this week. Teeth? I don't know. She only wants me and , sorry to be crass, only wants the boob. I nursed her for around two hours on and off last night then again from 4-6am. I am seriously dehydrated this morning. Guess what she is doing now while I type? Yes, hanging on for dear life, while playing with her sisters princess cell phone at the same time.

Ah toddlerhood.

We have fully reached it. She has OPINIONS. She loves shoes, and insists on wearing them as she falls asleep. She also has an obsession with socks and drags them around the house. And she loves being held, all the time. "Mama HUG" she says, pointing to my chair last night, as I'm doing the frantic 5 o'clock-trying-to-get-dinner-on-the-table dance last night. Oh baby, I say. But I sit. And she pulls a blanket around her shoulders and puts her head down on my chest and sighs.

Ah sweet toddlerhood.

And the adorable chess game is disintegrating into an epic battle for dominion over the table.

Perhaps time for the library after all.


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