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Monday, November 5, 2012

in which I confess that I would rather be inside than standing out inthe cold giving my children quality outdoors time

How is that for a title, huh?

I know right?

So I am standing outside in the somewhat cold grey weather overseeing outdoor play time. Usually I do yard work, bring a book, but today I have a headache and I just want to go in, craft and drink some tea, oh, and work on my crazy nanowrimo project, which I am loving.

Oh for the days when one year old can be out with the bigs by herself!

In any case, I thought id write an update on my nifty new iPhone blogger app. One thing about the iPhone set up, I seriously hate the keypad for T typing, I have fat thumbs I think, they don't know where to go.

Yes so, that said, now to catch up.

While I am confessing, this school at home gig is hard. For reals. It was enough to keep the house clean, kids from fighting, dinner on, laundry done. And now to feel I HAVE to do this big creative joyful learning venture? Eegads. I have found myself getting furious for my impatience, a vicious cycle. Like WHY DON'T YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO POETRY WHILE DRAWING NEAT LITTLE PICTURES OF FAIRIES??? Gosh darn it to heck!!!

They would rather make mud pies in the yard. Which is what we are doing now.

So I have found myself, reluctantly, once again, in that agonizing place...learning to let go, and simply be. Learning, again, from my children. Learning, again, to not demand the perfect from myself, to let go of the 40 thousand pinterest projects that would be perfect for the letter L, and just move on to M. You know?

So, that is me. Outside in the cold, wiping sandy runny noses, wanting a mug of hot tea, but willing, as it were, to just be.

Although I might go get some tea.


  1. I remember that red cowboy hat! :) Let them play in the mud, answer all their questions and sooner or latter they'll read the poetry themselves :)


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