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Monday, March 4, 2013

just hi.


Nothing much to say today. March is bringing us a blizzard as I type. So lovely of her.

We had a nice little indulgence weekend away, staying in a hotel, shopping in the big city. It was good.

And now we are home. The laundry is piled. The snow is swirling. And dare I say it out loud? The kids started hacking over the weekend, and now I have it. Another cold??? Perhaps the same one making a come back??? Ridiculous.

In any case. I called off school.

The kids are rejoicing in their new legos, while hacking in each others faces.

I am trying to ignore the toys strewn around the house. At least until 5pm when ada is due to get home. Dont want to look like a total slacker.

So, that is March for us so far.


I have nothing inspiring to say. 

How about you?


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