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Sunday, March 24, 2013


It goes by so quick.

This is my aim lately, to keep this in mind.

Baby shrieking to be held. Boy fighting with girl. Dada late from work. House a mess. Feeling tired and worn and well, a mess.

It goes by so quick.

I wrote recently about a day like this and my mother, who is facing an empty nest, says oh, how I miss those days.


Or stories of families who now have teens, off to activities, or hunkered down in their bedrooms with books and texting and such.

It goes by so quick.

I am trying to remember.

This winter really wore me out. I need sun and green. But also something different. This new perspective, taking a few steps back to think about my life as a woman, a mommy, a wife, and also sister, friend, writer, creator, a go-getter, and in the big picture of all of this, these few years at home...Just a breath. A blink.

And so. I drink them in. I remind myself over and over in this bloggy space. DRINK IT IN. Suck the marrow and all that good stuff. Remember who you are and the big picture. Your career, your life path, could have a thousand turns yet. My new chiropractor is a wonderful 70+ year old lady, who went to chiropractic school at 50. Who knows what the decades ahead hold!

But this is now. These little guys, who need us so much now.

A say this kind of thing a lot here. But I think its something that is so hard in the mommying phase, not being able to see the forest through the trees. You know? We are so IN it. So very IN IT. That we can't imagine the other side, nor can we see our day to day. The little moments we let slide by, in our anxiety to GET THEM IN BED. You know?

And it goes by so quick.

And they are so precious.

And these little years are so precious.



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