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Monday, March 11, 2013

picture this

Picture me. Setting the table for tea. Book of "The Greatest Composers" on the table, ready to read the short biography of Johann Bach whilst listening to the great master on Pandora.

Picture the children. Hitting each other with balloons whilst sliding down the stairs, playing chase, little miss dressed only in leggings and a tank top, saying she is hot, braids askew. Now, little man offering to dance with her, wildly twirling and whirling. Now screaming again, and there they go down the hall, baby shrieking "MY BAWOON!!"

Picture my life.


But then I start reading anyhow. And we all dance and the tea is ready and here we are. And we just saw the most amazing bird out the window, a mama cardinal grey and orange and red. We hope she comes back.


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