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Sunday, March 10, 2013

a rainbow cape for little miss

So, I found this sweater at a thrift store the other day. I thought it was perfect for a craft for little misses birthday. SO here it what I did with it. This is kind of a half-assed tutorial but I promise it was super easy. Yay for crafting with sweaters! I may make one for baby now too.

apologies. these photos all uploaded sideways...

first step, cut off sleeves. sew shoulders together slightly sloped

a hat from another sweater. SEW easy to make.  (HA HA HA)
simply cut along the edging of a sweater in a slope to a point and sew together,
but dont sew the last few inches.

sew the hood on around the neck hole
here is the cape with hood sewn on and a silvery sweater pocket with more
sweater scraps from my stash.
i originally cut little arm holes near the pockets. she didnt like that.

i ended up slitting the little arm holes all the way down
to the bottom.

she LIKES IT!. and she is watching a cartoon
and wont look at the camera. HA HA.
cute though, right??


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