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Sunday, March 17, 2013

my baby, growed up

Mama! I dump my pot!

I turn around and look and there my baby stands, holding her tiny Ikea potty, with a little sprinkle of pee pee in the bottom.

Um. You peed? By yourself? And didnt wet the floor? And now you are carrying it in to dump it by yourself??

She then wore training underwear to church, and peed on the potty there.

WAAAH! tears of joy!! WAAAAH!! tears of sad!! My baby is growing up!!!

As far as a potty training post goes. Well, she is kinda doing it on her own. It could of course just be a phase but, one can hope. My best recommendations would be this: Be consistent. Go for lots of naked time around the house (shirt or dress only, to make runs to the pot pot easier) We try to do a diaper free time every afternoon after her nap. Then build on those successes to do more diaper free time. And stay clear of pullups. They give the kid the illusion of being "big" but they are so super absorbant the kid has no incentive to not wet them. My two cents on that anyway... But otherwise, the best thing I have heard about potty training, besides the naked time, is to be loving and gracious about it. Yes, even when cleaning up those icky accidents. You wouldnt yell at a kid for falling down when they were learning to walk, how can you when they are learning to potty? I heard this when little miss was in the phase and felt horribly guilty because I was NOTpatient with it with little man. A good perspective to keep though, you know? In any case.

Shis is growing up too fast. And I cant wait to see who she is, as she gets bigger and bigger, and BAAAAAAABY. Sniff.


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