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Monday, May 20, 2013

anti-recipe #61 sprouted lentils

So. I raved via Facebook about the loveliness of sprouted lentils. Yes I know. I know. We all know I am dramatic. HA. But, some context...The Longest Winter Known To Man. So, that is probably why the sight of green things happily growing in a jar in my window, and OH the sweet taste of new-ness, well, that is why.

And now. Green things all around. But still, the garden is a work in progress. We dig. We put in teeny seeds. Flimsy seedlings. And then. We wait.

So, if you, like me, are not good at waiting. Here is something you can try, for that nice fresh green-ness in your very own house.

Sprouted lentils.

So very easy. So very tasty. So very good for you. (Something about the enzymes stored in the lentil being activated by the sprouting process...something like that.)

Here is how you do it.

Take that half-empty bag of lentils at the back of your cupboard. You know, from when you made chicken and lentils THREE MONTHS AGO. Yes, those lentils. We all have these lentils.

Now, rince them and soak a cup of them in water overnight. Any old bowl will do. I covered them lightly with a cloth.

Now. The next morning drain the water and divide the cup of lentils between two mason jars. (Or you could just do 1/2 cup at a time, clearly.)

Now put the ring of the jar over a piece of cheesecloth or paper towel. Or use a rubber band. Cheesecloth is worth getting for it in this case because then to rinse and drain (several times a day) you simply take the cheesecloth off, fill with water, put the cheesecloth back on, shake around a bit, and dump it out. Also its usually in the grocery store (who knew?) so its not that hard to actually get. If you dont have any for now, use paper towel and then to rinse hold a mesh strainer on the top of your jar, filled with water, and dump out over the sink, using the strainer to stop the lentils coming out. (Holy crap that was a terribly confusing sentence. You all know how to use a strainer, right?? HA HA)

Now wait a few days, keep rinsing and draining, and soon you will see little green sprouts on your windowsill. Once they sprout roots AND little tiny green leaves they are ready. Store them in the fridge and use within just a few days.

Now, what to do with them?

This is why I didnt post about them for awhile. That is all well and good Sara, yes they are tasty, but what to do with them??

#1 So, first the obvious. You could use them raw on sandwiches. Lots of people poo-poo this idea, they say its a risk for bacteria. I say this about that. Have you ever picked the slimy spinach out of a container of spinach from the store and just used the good stuff anyhow? Yea, its like that. Plus, this is exactly what alfalfa sprouts are in the store (and incidentally everything I've read says that alfalfa sprouts are actually not good for you??)

#2 Then there is pad thai. Just follow my pad thai anti-recipe and stir them in in the last few minutes. YUM.

#3 Then our new creation, sprouts sauteed in butter with garlic salt and pepper. SO DARN GOOD. This is my favorite.

So. Experiment! You can sprout just about anything. Raw nuts (havent tried). Random dried beans (have tried, used in a ham soup with regular beans, SO GOOD).

So, hey, if you are sitting around waiting for your garden to grow, or if you are a city dweller with no dirt, go try it. Instant gratification! Instant gardening! YAY.

these still need a day or two.

see the little green shoots? ready to eat!


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