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Friday, May 10, 2013

I declare

I declare, that mothers get the whole WEEKEND, starting Friday afternoon. Right?? Are you with me?

I'm gonna leave the couch cushions on the floor, eat butterscotch brownies for lunch, drink too much coffee, read a junk novel procured by lovely dada yesterday and then pack the kids up for an excursion to the local bookstore, then Costco for a rendezvous with dada. Tomorrow I'm thinking garden work, a junk movie, maybe a run BY MYSELF. Then on Sunday I plan on being out and out indulgent. Sleeping in. Brunch. Maybe coffee in town with a book. Maybe even a nap. That's it. No guilt. 

Okay fine I did a load of laundry this morning, out of necessity due to some wet sheets from little miss this morning. 


Is this all super selfish of me? Probably. I'm feeling right now like I don't give a rats ass what people think of me. I plan on wearing leggings, a little skirt and a ratty shirt running errands. Why? Because I'm comfortable and I DON'T CARE. 


So mamas. Hope you have a lovely indulgent weekend. I plan to too, right after I change baby dear's diaper. Ha. 

Perfect. Little man just yelled in from his room, "mom! Baby is stinky! Why are you being so lazy!?" Ha ha ha ha!! 

Happy mamas day! 

Edited to add: I got off my duff to take the kids for a walk, also below, pics of my I don't give a rats ass look...although with my super cool moccasins I feel like its actually allowed? 


  1. this all sounds good to me:)
    i think i may add to your list "go to the bathroom all by myself"
    yes. now it's complete.


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