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Monday, July 29, 2013

farmer family and a little summer unit study

Perhaps the sweetest cutest quote of our recent city to farm move was this past February, when the spinach started poking up inside of our hoop house, surrounded by snow. I ripped off a leaf and offered it to little man who took a nibble and then lit up in a huge smile and said "WE DID IT! WE ARE FARMERS!"


And so we continue.

I've started making cheese with some local farmer milk, butter too, in anticipation of our own dairy goats someday. In case you were wondering freshly made mozzarella is DIVINE and really nothing like the plastic-y stuff you buy in the store. You all totally need to try it. (I will share how I do it if you are interested!)

So, now we are heading into August and like millions of denim-jumper-clad-homeschooling mamas before me I am feeling its time, time to start school.


So, going of the farmer theme, I plan, perhaps too excitedly, a little unit study for the month. Including:
-The Farmer Boy, by Laura Ingalls Wilder (please mom can you read another chapter?? he says)
-Among the Farmyard People, by Clara Dillingham Piersen (sweet little stories about farm animals, found here for free!)
Today we started reading both, and I got out the farm animals and little gnome house and wooden blocks and had the kids build fences for the animals while I read. So, we will read these every day and then do related circle time verses and songs (The Farmer in the Dell, and etc) and crafts (like making dolls out of long stalks of straw) and then at the end of the month we will go to a nearby historical farm (I'm a little too excited about that one) for a tour.

Fun right?

And the below photo, well, I am not one for naked bebe pics but I cant help myself with this one. Her latest phrase kills me, everything is "with my heart!" She wants milky "with my heart!" She plays with her sister "with my heart!" She is calling now, "Sister, sister of my heart!" She says "I help you mama! I do dishes too! I help you with my heart!" And chickens too, she tells me, she loves, "with my heart!"

Also fun. Also amazing. My little baby farmer.


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