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Monday, July 22, 2013

today, ah yes, today.

Mondays have been cruel to me lately. I think we miss our school year rhythm. But what with family in town and vacations coming up and gardens to work in and so on and so forth, I cant realistically see getting that school time schedule back. Maybe?


Today was a day. And its only 2pm. Baby refused to pee in the potty, even for a bribe of candy. Big kids shrieked all morning, why didn't THEY get candy? They pee in the potty all the time! Mommy gave them candy. Fine. Baby refused to pee. Baby screamed hysterically. Baby got candy. Baby then refused to nap. After mama worked on scrubbing down the stovetop, working out angry energy, baby was found outside 15 minutes later covered from head to toe in mud, courtesy little miss. As I walked out to her she says, "Mama! I do potty here! On my yeg (leg)!"


Baby in bath. Kids swinging. Mama blogs, after sneaking spoonfuls of ice cream straight out of the carton.


Ah yes. Today.

And then an hour later and baby finally goes to sleep. And I pour myself a giant glass of sweet tea and sit out on the deck to write. And the kiddies are happy playing under the deck on the swings. And I throw them candy, and yes, say sorry for losing my cool. And all is well.


Ah yes, today.



  1. Abit like my day, but my little man Donny pee'd on me instead ho hum!

  2. We had one of those days too! It's good to know that even when it's rough, others are going through it too...and no matter how hard we mama's try, it's ok to have tough days, lose our cool momentarily, and then hug to make-up. :)

  3. it reminds me the last saturday...all my fault: I could'nt exit the reading of my new book ( Rebel Heart of Moira Young)


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