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Thursday, July 11, 2013

sleepy arms

After a long fun-filled, summery week of outdoor water play and running in the garden and friends visiting and late nights my children are running on fumes. Which means mama and dada are totally exhausted. Which means, as you know, little patience at the bedtime hour.

GO TO SLEEP. Mama wants a cup of tea and SILENCE.

Tonight as dada tried to convince little miss to go to sleep in our room and I was up in the living room with Wide Awake Baby I hear little man calling to me from his bed.




Yes, yes little man, coming.

I put on my Happy I am Not Tired Voice. Baby dear tags along. Mama I come too. Check on bruver.

What can I do for you buddy?

Sleepy near limp arms reach up for my neck and wrap around me, pulling me down into a headlock. As he nuzzles into me he says,

Its just that I love you SOOOOO much I want to be with you ALL THE TIME. And you are the most beautiful, wonderful, patient and kind mom EVER and I just needed ONE MORE HUG. Oh, I LOVE YOU MAMA.

As my heart melts like goo I realize, one, I must be doing alright and two, these are amazing little people I have been entrusted with.

Happy (almost) Friday mommies.

(So, he totally broke this board at tae Kwon do class the other day.... Whaaaaaa???) 


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