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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

anti-recipe #63 a healthy mama "cocktail" for a hot day

So. I'm terrible at drinking water. I do it, begrudgingly. Especially when pregnant, FINE more WATER. (No, my gosh, I'm not pregnant!! Ha!)

In the summer especially I have to make nice drinks to entice myself to get more liquids in. Two summers ago (when pregnant) it was sugary iced tea and honey sweetened lemonade.

Last summer, when living on my parents farm, I discovered a great way-less-sugary substitute and this summer I think I have perfected it.

(Are you bored of this post yet? I am. How super boring of me to write about this. But this is one of those need to write it down so I don't forget things. You know? You can totally stop reading if you want to though, unless you are looking for the actual recipe, in which case, I will cut to the chase ASAP. HAHAHAHA)

Its basically my honey lemon kombucha tea we guzzle in the winter, (kids too!) but iced. (Honey lemon kombucha tea = teapot full of hot water, juice of one lemon, 1/4 cup honey, and about a cup of kombucha. Also amazing with sliced ginger and/or mint leaves.)

So. The iced version is thus. Grab your trusty water bottle (I've had mine since college! EEK!) Pour in about a cup of kombucha. Add a splash of lemon juice. Add a good shake of powdered ginger (I've done around 1/2 tsp I think) Also add some real apple cider vinegar (the kind with the mother still in it) for some extra enzyme/probiotic goodness). I saw these last two things on a Facebook crunchy mama post somewhere and it really add a great zing to what I usually make. I also have to confess I add a tsp of sugar or two. And maybe one of these times I will throw in a mint leaf. Yesterday I added some cooled black tea I had brewed separately.

Now fill to the top with water and ice and shake it up. With the powdered ginger you will need to shake frequently as you drink it.

SO, what do you think??? Yum, right?? Way better for you than Gatorade and sugary iced tea.

Mix, drink, repeat. (And then you will be nice and hydrated for an ACTUAL cocktail when the kiddies are in bed. HA. HA. .... Or before. HA)

ah, the sacred college era water bottle.

hi. I am cute.


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