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Thursday, July 18, 2013

hazy lazy July

I seem to do this every July. I get totally ramped up for SEIZING THE MOMENT. DOING IT ALL. And then early July warm days turn to mid July scorchers and my visionary go get 'em turns into hazy lazy squinting into the sun.

Sunny and hot. AGAIN????

Ha. I wish I could bottle one of these days and stick it on my pantry shelf with last year's pickled vegetables and applesauce and take it out again in January. Ahhhh. Sun.

For now though. We haven't really been outside in three days, with crazy humidity and wicked heat and then, oh Lordhavemercy, a week long on and off tension headache. I wake up and the kids timidly say, how is your head today mom, I squint at them, um, okay? So far? I think? And then it creeps up on me later...eeeeehhhhhhh......

But. I am geared up to go tend to the garden a bit this morning. Gardens of course love wicked humid heat. Dada thinks we could have tomatoes by next week. We are going to be up to our ears in tomatoes. Its gonna be nuts.

Yay. Ketchup. Tomato soup. Salsa. Sauce. I've got huge plans.

So, all that to say, I have nothing inspiring to say. Just hazy lazy mid-July thoughts swirling around my brain.

In any case. Off to garden, until I cant take the heat anymore, in which case I just got a giant Tom Clancy novel at the library that might need my attention. Here kids. Have another popsicle. Cartoons? Sure. Ha. Ah, July.


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