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Thursday, July 25, 2013

road trip crazies, again

We leave on our first more than two hour road trip as a family of five tomorrow morning. I'm trying not to be worried, but I am. Trying to be RA RA THIS IS FUN! GO TEAM!! But inwardly I'm freaked. Like, laying in bed as I blog on my iPhone unable to sleep because of the lists of things to do that keep swirling in my head. 

Did I mention baby gets carsick?

And both kids have been rather, er, grumpy this week? 

And dada is exhausted from work? 

And the carsick thing? 

But it's fairly short and our dear auntie who has been visiting will make the drive there with us and dada bought snacks and its been nice and cool (no AC in the van!) and darn it, it's gonna be great, right?

And then today little miss cuddles into me as she is falling asleep for a needed nap and looks up with her big blue eyes and says "I love you so much I have tears!" 

Sweet girl. Sweet babies. 

It's gonna be good. Cause I say so.


  1. just have to choose that it's gonna be good! :O)...Are we there yet??!?!??
    Have fun! - jenn

  2. My mom used to say, "I brought you here to have fun, now have fun!" I get that now. Hope all is well.


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