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Saturday, September 28, 2013

one last summery walk in the woods

It is Saturday morning. Kids are binging on PBS kids. It is cold and rainy out. Fall is setting in. But the other day, it was humid, breezy, warm, beautiful. And we walked in the woods, peeking in our stick fort and finding deer tracks in the soft earth.

And it was lovely.

And I feel myself mourning the summer, the warm sunshine, the green things, my garden.

Sniff, sniff.

And this is the time for Michaelmas. The celebration of St. Michael, the Archangel, who in the legends, defeated the dragon and gave golden cloaks to protect the star children of earth, us, earth's star children. And all that this little story signifies resonates with me this week. The refocusing inward. The discipline of school and fall schedules. Getting out the knitting baskets. Stacking up wood for the stove. Moving energy inside as the green around turns golden and soon brown.

I sound so dismal, huh? Gee Sara LIGHTEN UP. What happened to those gosh darn funny posts about parenting and mommyhood??

I know, right?

Its this weird contemplative thing I am in right now. And honestly I think a lot has to do with the changing seasons. Last winter was HARD. I am trying to steel myself I guess. YOU CAN DO IT.

And also, and this is probably another post all together, this strange post-baby-in-the-house time of life we are facing. Life without a baby to diaper, nap down, rock and cuddle. And she is still totally in diapers, totally my baby, HA, nursing as I type actually, but it is there, staring me in the face, that two to three transition, weaning, potty training, and becoming A KID.

Its weird.

But the rain is lovely, really, and the garden needs a good watering, and it is still there, green and good, and exciting things are afoot and, yes, it is good.


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