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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

you are two

Two. Two. My baby is two. And potty training. And that whole super duper independence thing. And its all coming. This year. The big baby-to-kid year. And I am not ready for it. To say goodbye to this baby. This "I love you mama, with my WHOLE HEART," baby. This "happy berfday" singing, fluffy haired girl, who stole our hearts when we finally heard her cry two years ago. Two years ago. It seems like just yesterday and yet, I cant imagine our family, our lives, ever felt right without her. Our Green. Our Evergreen. Happy berfday my girl. We adore you.


  1. Oh, my Green! You have my whole heart. I love you so much and am amazed by you daily. Happy Birthday biggie baby. Love, Dada

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Evergreen and all five of you!


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