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Saturday, September 7, 2013

summers last hurrah - iPhone poetry

Blue skies 
Bees above clover
Sand in my toes
Wind that tempers the heat of the sun  on this late summer day
Hazy air blowing this way and that
Breathing in and out the smell of heat and sand and water and grass
Bits of clouds scattered above
Bullied by the wind
Castles of sand, bedecked with dandelion and drifted wood, built by tan and happy hands
Pines standing tall on the horizon, lazily waving to the warmth
And the world sighs, one last goodbye
And there is quiet underneath the wind and the water and the skies 
The world remembering all the green things, one last hurrah 
As it settles down to sleep, a babe on the breast of its mother
And I breathe it in
My baby's warm skin pressed against mine, her solid limbs, her curls a torrent of sand and sun and all things good
And peaceful
And I am peaceful too
And thankful



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