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Saturday, October 5, 2013

anti-recipe #67 sauteed cabbage and bacon


Its all about the bacon. And no, I am totally not going to take a picture of the actual dish because it looks like a greasy mess but, OH MY LANDS, its so good. Here is a picture of the pretty cabbage plant instead. Isn't it gorgeous???

Yes, I said oh my lands. Like Marilla. If you know who that is, I officially love you.

Yes. So, we have been quite successful at growing cabbage in our little garden. Cabbage and cucumbers. Tomatoes, not so much. But in any case.

I picked one of these giant cabbages the other day. GIANT. And we looked at each other for a moment and then I thought. Bacon. I am going to eat you with bacon.

So I cooked bacon, in a large sauté pan. I removed the bacon, then chopped the cabbage in long thin slices. I reheated the bacon grease. Oh I know, grease, calories, bla bla bla. ITS GOOD THOUGH. Then I sautéed the cabbage in the grease, on medium for maybe 20 minutes, maybe 30, long enough that the cabbage started to carmelize. I also added onions at some point, salt and pepper too. Then once its getting golden-y brown its ready. Turn off the heat, add crumbled bacon.

I served with brown rice and some other veggies, maybe another favorite dish - chopped cucumbers with a dressing of milk/vinegar/sugar/salt/parsley (ALSO, SO GOOD), maybe some butternut squash soup too. OOH, or a baked ratatouille. YUM.

Happy, happy, happy fall dinner!

And now. It is raining. Our check engine light came on as we were headed out to dinner in the city, we turn around, with sobbing children in the car, only to get pulled over because our tail light was also out. I literally just sent dada out into the rain with the mission of "FINDING ME A NEW VAN, Pretty please."

And now, what to make for dinner? Hmmmm. Popcorn anyone?

huge! pretty! tasty! I love cabbage.


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