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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

blue skies

So, I had this list of crafty/fall type posts that I wanted to write. And I sit to write them. And I cant, because I have a hard time writing about needle felting mousy friends when, when I have had this week.

First of all, rain and cold and clouds.

Second of all, second job blues.

Third of all, government shutdown.

Fourth of all, a van that cant be repaired.

And. The sun is pushing through the clouds in a noble effort to bring me some light and suddenly as I type the rays hit my arm and I think. Yes. I have awesomely fantastic fantabulous children. A man who works his cute butt off for us. I have a pantry stocked full of food. (What we did with our last measly little paycheck before things stopped.)

And baby is throwing markers at the cats, without lids on.

And the sun retreats again.

And little man yells at me when I tell him to find the lids. And I say, we made a deal, and he says, oh yea. And the deal with him is that we both don't yell. We both work on keeping our tempers in check. That we are a team. Gonna make this week work.

And oh, here comes the sun again.

And I think about other people in this world, mothers and sisters and brothers and fathers, who have so little, who have lost everything to things much crappier than a bickering government. And in my own community, people who don't have the luxury of second jobs to make things work, who don't have sisters offer to loan out cars, who don't have blue lights (given to me last month!) to counteract the grey fall days.

And the sun is pushing away the clouds, dear mamas, and I see blue sky. Blue sky.

And even if the grey comes back, and the sun retreats, I know its still there, beating away those clouds, and that a sunny day is a'coming, just for me.


  1. Job 33:28
    He redeemed my soul from going down to the pit, and I will live to enjoy the light.'


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