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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

and the winner is....


No seriously, thanks so much ladies for sharing your favorite posts and thoughts about this little bloggy space. I am really so grateful for your companionship on this mommy journey. Writing it all down here as been a huge part of me embracing (surviving?) motherhood and its much more fun to write when you know someone is reading, and giving you a shout out every now and again.

So to say thanks, I'd love to make you four who responded to this giveaway post each a pair of shoes. Just send me an email with measurements of your kiddo's feet and maybe preferred color and a cut out to sew on the top of the shoe (like the butterflies I did on the shoes for baby dear). I don't have a ton of colors but I could likely find something that will work. The shoes themselves will likely be out of denim or corduroy. (Tell me if you have a preference!) It might take me a few weeks but I promise by the time the weather turns really chilly I will have cozy cute shoes in the mail for your favorite little toes.

And so. The sun is shining brilliantly this morning. The breeze is blowing in the window. My coffee latte concoction turned out perfectly. I have heaps of potatoes and tomatoes and turnips and carrots sitting on the counter. Life is pretty good. Thirty seven huh? I can do that.

Happy birthday to me. And happy day to you!


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