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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

a to do list

This morning I finally got in some time with me and coffee and iPad before the sun rose, and more importantly, the kiddies.

It is ESSENTIAL to my sanity to get this time in, a couple of times a week at least.

This morning I indulged in Pinterest (I have been trying to show pinning restraint as to focus on DOING, not just PINNING.)

And then, as I do, I make a list. These lists make me happy, a nice collage of life these days.

Here is mine from this morning, in no particular order.

What is on your to do list this Wednesday morning?

This week/Today:

Outside find leaves =>Beeswax leaves  =>Lotion
Number story, new math book?
Skip counting wheel
Logic book
Home geography
Cyrus story
Native myths story
Find new nature series, birds by Burgess!
Write poem
Vit d and fish oil and detox tea
Flat basket for collection? For kiddo to play with, need things for her to do.. Rotate collection in basket => dada build Play nature table?
Wrap sticks with yarn and bells and leaves for fairies
Corn husk dolls
Bake bread
Gather pine cones, pine cone wreath
Garden looms
Bird seed
Letter combo chart
Put seed babies to sleep
Seed baby story
Garden time...Pull up broccoli , mulch herbs, pull up radishes, hang herbs to dry 
Sew Boys new hats
Finish shoes ... Mail out Saturday am!
Knit hats
Knitting with kids, finish homemade needles!
Grass stars from tall stalks outside

Oh, and somewhere in there is laundry, dishes, and figuring out what to make for dinner. Maybe vacuuming too. Or I can do that tomorrow. HA.

But first we play outside. 

Making number wheels!


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