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Monday, June 9, 2014

that Monday morning

That Monday morning when you wake up and realize that all you have is crap coffee left in the house. 

When the kiddies are fighting by 9am over the "new" doll from the thrift store. 

When you and dada have the age old fight of who is more tired and got the worse nights' sleep.

When little man immediately starts whining about playing iPad games.

And you are coming down from a long weekend of busy activities and the two year old says to you "what are we doing today mama??" And you say, NOTHING.

And you drink your crap coffee and look at the grey skies and the stacks of greasy dishes and think of how stupid you were to take on a client and how much work you have to do. And dada leaves to shut himself in his office to do his work...and you feel jealous.

But then. But then. There always is a but then...

You toss the coffee and make a cup of tea.

And little man sits on the couch to read not one, but two Judy Blume books in one morning, and the girls suddenly start playing an elaborate dress up game and are remarkably quiet and happy at it and you talk to two sisters and feel loved.

And you remember the sunshiny visit to the lake on Friday. 

And realize Mondays come and go. And that's okay.

And you surf Pinterest. And sip tea. And remember it will be Friday again. 

I'm turning into THIS lady at the beach. I was totally sunbathing bikini girl in my Cali teen years. What has become of me??

Yes, she is wearing a hat from the worst U2 tour ever. 

Chasing minnows. Really such a perfect morning. I'm doing this once a week this summer.

Okay. Tea. Some school time. Then some client work. I can do it, right??


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