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Thursday, June 26, 2014


In case you don't know, that is my whining noise. As in, toddler girl got up at 5:30. As in, she was up from 1-4 am the night before. As in, mamas big project was due yesterday...but the client is still getting all their ducks in a row to submit and asking mama to do more. And mama is tired.  And mama has to give up mad MAD props to mamas out there with jobs that keep you on email until 11pm, that keep you on your toes long past babies bedtime, that keeps you worried about work into the night. 

No rest for the weary!!! Because toddler still gets up at 5am! And the cat needs fed and breakfast needs doled out and life rolls on.

All you all who do these jobs. Juggling clients and press releases and pressure and 12 hour days and 3 hour commutes. I want to come over, buy you a bottle of wine, and hug you. Because you are tired. And I can't wait for my client project to be done (whereupon I buy myself a new dress and nice shoes, no seriously I am going to...) and get a few weeks of respite before cracking the whip on myself - BOOK EDITING TIME!!

June though, June is tired from one week of this schedule. June wants to putz around in the garden and sew some gnomes for the girls and play crazy eights with little man. 

And I know you mamas with crazy jobs out there want this too. But I love love love that you (me) are teaching our kids, our girls and our boys too, that mama can work and craft. That mama has a brain that is good for questions besides "Where is my princess coloring book?" And "How do you spell annihilate?" And "what does annihilate mean again mom?"

Because it's important. Because we can do hard things. Like push through on projects. And have patience during client phone calls. And finish a book. 

And we teach them the same. They can do hard things. To push through learning how to write in cursive. To be nice to the kid that is always a little rude. To keep at sounding out the hard words. The book is worth it in the end.

The work is worth it in the end.

And that is what June is about. And whether it's a passion for yoga or blogging or running or cooking or your job or gardening or writing or skydiving, let's keep showing them that it's worth it in the end, to have passions, to work hard, to strive hard, even cry over, something you believe in. 

It's worth it in the end.

Happy Thursday mamas. Bottle of wine, hugs, and a nap while I watch your kiddies. 

We rock.



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