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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

coming up for air

I swear I've written a post with exactly this title.

Do you think?

I'm too lazy to look.

Its muggy today and my brain is hazy. This weird sinus headachy thing. All I want is a giant iced latte. Go get one for me, someone?? No?? I'm totally going to go get one.

I've had many ideas for posts rolling around in my head that would fit this title. Wrapping up the school year. Coming up for air. The age of 5 and a half. Coming up for air. The little is potty trained. Coming up for air. Me and dada having this conversation the other day.

"Sometimes I feel like we don't respond to each other well when we are stressed. We feed off of each other's bad moods and snap at each other instead of helping each other feel better and get through it."

"Yea, like, we get upset about the other person being stressed and instead of saying 'gee I'm sorry, its going to be okay' we get mad."

"We both do it."

"I know, right? Why?"

"Too much energy sucked up by the kids?"

"Its like, just GET OVER YOUR BAD MOOD. Right??"

"I know!"

"We totally shouldn't do that."



Coming up for air.

And we are out being social more in a week than in a month over the winter and perhaps my somewhat introverted self is getting overwhelmed. Like, can we sit by the fire and knit again?


Need. More. Coffee.

Coming up for air.

And my work. ARGH. Almost done with this one client project and then.... BOOK EDITING TIME. Much more exciting than when I faced editing my master's thesis. (HELL)


This girl.

Took these pics the other day.


SO her personality.

She and I are readjusting our relationship I think. She is becoming kid. Still mama's girl. But turning into kid. And the weaning thing is starting to happen. (PLEASE SOON) And she is now fully potty trained. Did I mention that already???? HA. No, but seriously. Not to have a kid in diapers??? After 8 years???? That is BIG.

Coming up for air.

So, more posts in the works. I made these ridiculously cute flower dolls for the girls yesterday. Post by the end of the week. And Lins. Dandelion crown post. That will happen too.

And now. Summer. Driving to a city playdate. Yesterday a swimming party. Tomorrow maybe a trip to the lake.


Breathe in. Breathe out.

Coming up for that delicious air.

she insisted on standing like this. next to the flower her sister picked out for her. :)


  1. Such a cutie and I love that she's wearing a rainbow xxxx

  2. she's our rainbow bright girl for sure :)


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