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Thursday, June 12, 2014

June splendor

I'm sitting watching the full moon rise out through the pines. Well, nearly full. It's full tomorrow. On the 13th. Does this creep anyone else out?? A little?? 


Me either. 


So. June. Such a beautiful greenly sort of month. The garden is doing it's thing. All growing and shit. (Ha. That made me laugh to type) Suddenly the calendar is full. Things like bbqs and trips to the lake. And parades. 

Today was the parade. 

And I must share the multitude of photos I took because it was oh so adorable. 

Our little Green was SOOOOO excited. Squealing with joy. And danced with every marching band. We had to actually restrain her from going out to dance with them.  No Green. Not today. Maybe when you are a grown up girl playing the trombone. 

So. Damn. Cute. 

And dada is doing work. Little man reading his book. Girls asleep, all paraded out. 

And the moon is rising. Glowing like a disc of honey in the deep blue sky. 

Splendid June. I love you


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