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Saturday, June 21, 2014

the garden of delights

Yes, that's a Lisa Loeb song. What can I say, I heart the 90s. (I mean, come on, Friends, plaid sundresses worn with doc martens, Reality Bites?? Good times my friends, good times.)

And it's also my garden. The June garden, in June, as it were.

So here is a tour. 

I took these photos this evening, to give you a little tour. So come on, grab a glass of wine, let me show you!!! 

And yes I've turned into a garden geek. 

Because, really, I'm in love with our garden this year. It's nearly perfectly what I envisioned that first winter here. We had moved in in September and I spent hours staring out the window over that long winter, imagining what we would do to this desolate looking front yard. And this summer. Here it is. We just need some peony bushes now. Maybe a rose bush too.

Seriously, it's going to be glorious out there in a month. I can't wait.

And lest you think this is braggy braggy sounding, which I hope it doesn't, let us never forget this poor little gardening experiment I endeavored upon just a few short years ago... 

Ha ha! Oh my June. 

So, hey. Enjoy!

My little medicinal herb garden, along the entrance of the garden. Spearmint and lemon balm, echinacea and calendula, and lots of marigolds and tiny zinnia plants and sunflowers which are going to be beautiful in a month!

The other end of the medicinal garden. With chamomile, lavender, peppermint and dill.

The other herb garden in the center of the garden. Cilantro , which reseeded itself, dill, which did the same, and oregano and thyme which survived the winter, and new sage and basil.

Bean pole teepee, and below the cucumber, cabbage and potato beds, leading to another teepee. 

The strawberries are producing so well!
This is today's pick!!

Take it easy on the tomatoes, we said, and this is just two of four beds...

I'm super excited about our rows of corn and mounds of pumpkin, squash, and zucchini in the back of the garden. Also dotted with bean plants, along the fence, and sunflowers...

The bean pole teepee at the far end of the garden, with two blueberry plants nearby. Also planted sunflowers in this corner.

Look at how big these pumpkin and zucchini vines are already!

Another tomato bed, these are all cherry tomatoes, with the potato bed on the side.

Magic light hour!

I've planted all kinds of other flower beds this year too, thanks especially to our generous neighbor who always has clumps of this or that to get rid of. This bed has yarrow and zinnias and spearmint and bee balm and sunflowers and Black-eyed Susans. 

I've got hostas and lilies and ferns and Black-eyed Susans growing around these trees. My idea is to use grass mats to create walls for a little outdoor dining room right here, where the table is. Also, little mans action shot.

Can you imagine, a little room made up here? With lanterns and such? So nice...And yes, that's a wacky lawn mowing job. I got tired. More flower beds below.

More transplants, and some annuals. 

Do you see the little shed back there! That's the chicken "tractor" dada made to house our meat chicks that are getting big!! We feel like real homesteaders. 

And then I come inside, the golden light still shining. And this sight greets me. Sun pouring in the window. A CLEAN SINK. Glorious. And I feel like one lucky girl. 


  1. Your garden is looking awesome all the hard work pays off thanks for the tour :D

  2. What an enjoyable tour I just had! such a large variety of everything!!, and How I envied your herb garden -- you're being the greatest writer/mom/gardener/ I've seen in many a moon! luv, g'ma


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