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Sunday, July 6, 2014

cling. cling. cling.

My little brother got married on Friday.

I managed not to burst into tears in the ceremony. My girls and their cousin managed to walk down the aisle, wearing matching white, tossing rose petals, looking absolutely adorable.

It was perfect.

And now my little brother is heading back to an officer training school (he's in the Navy) and we returned to our little house, kissing aunties and uncles and cousins and grandparents goodbye.

And here we are.

And my house is alive with bright orange flowers from the ceremony. And I cant help but remember when he was born, the only boy after six daughters, (two more daughters were born later) and I was 13, and my dad rushed into the room in the middle of the night (he was born at home) holding up this squawking baby, like Simba, yes dad, its a boy, great, so exciting, I'm mildly grossed out now. And I went away on a missions trip and came home later that summer to find a blonde fat little baby, my brother, who I danced with to Lisa Loeb songs in my later teen years, sad about any number of things, who I called Fuzzy due to his shock of blonde hair that wouldn't lie flat.

And it strikes me how fast those years went by.

And I look at my babies, as they play this morning. My little man, sniffing from a cold, cuddled with with a giant Harry Potter book. Who someday will be making big decisions and heading off to college and finding "the one" and yes, how quickly it goes by.

And the shining faces of my family, sitting in chairs in the woods, watching the magic of the marriage ceremony, and I think how lucky I am, to have my children raised in this kind of love and togetherness, the sacred bonds we share that overcome misunderstandings and squabbles and hundreds of miles between us, and how I want that for my crew, how we are modeling that for them.

And we come home to find our monarch chrysalis turned dark, a sign that its about to hatch, and this morning we wake up, to see its fluttering its wings, dangling from the net of our butterfly cage.

A butterfly, dubbed "Heart" by little miss and "Flower Dance" by baby. Little man just sits on the couch and reads during this debate.

And the sun is shining. And, my client work is behind me, and my book work ahead of me. And. And life is good. Blessed. And I a planning on clinging to these little years, today anyway, while the coffee is pumping fresh in my veins, lest they slip away, and suddenly my little man is standing in the woods, saying "I do" with shining eyes. Cling. Cling. Cling.
a perfect wedding in the woods

dada and little man watching the rehearsal

solemn beauteous flower girls


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