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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

anti-recipe #70-something the best green beans ever

I've lost count of my anti recipes! And mainly I'm too lazy to look it up because I'm out in the garden rocking baby green on the swing and blogging via iPhone. 

70 something though, wow. Does this mean I'm learning how to cook? Or fake it really well. Ha! 

So yes green beans. One thinks of green mush or the thanksgiving crispy onion casserole thingy. Which I actually like but. 

In any case. 

I learned this trick from my dad a few summers ago and was amazed at how amazing they turned out. Not that he isn't a good cook mind you. In fact, come to think of it, my dad is totally an anti recipe kind of cook. Little of this. Little of that. Sometimes it's amazing, sometimes, well, you know. 

But always inventive and working with what you have. Truly the June way. 


Enough chatter. 

No I was surprised because well, soy sauce? Yes. Indeed. And fry up this dish in the middle of winter with beans frozen from the garden last summer and. Ah. Like you can taste July. And now it is July. And it's our first batch of beans for the year. 


Butter. All good dishes start with butter. Sauté for a minute. Add some minced garlic and chopped onion. Add your clean green beans. They can totally still be frozen. Totally. Sauté until they are tender. Now add a liberal dash or two of soy sauce. No really trust me. Now keep sautéing, stir and all, until the beans start browning. 

Serve. You can cover in grated Parmesan  too. Mmmmmmm. 



My view from the garden swing. 


  1. I love green beans any way, but can't wait to try this! Thanks!


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