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Saturday, July 19, 2014

seizing summer

So it's the middle of July. Which is precisely when we northerners start thinking. "Oh crap! Summer is almost over!! Need to get out and DO SUMMER!"

Perhaps this is also a mom thought. 

But we were going to do so much! Time to GET IT DONE!

This week we have been " doing" and then some. 

This week alone, ice cream cones, play dates at the park, blueberry picking, bonfire with marshmallows, and today we are going to a local small town parade, mostly for the fire trucks and the candy they throw at you.

I am tired. But my hermit self leftover from winter is starting to wither. So that's good. Right? 

I guess. 


So we are in the car now, driving to the parade. And I still have dirt under my nails from the garden. 

And right before we left I strained out elderflower cordial that has been steeping for two days. 

So I saw a post on one of these picture perfect blogs that make me feel insecure about making cordial with elderflower. A traditional British summertime drink. Also tasty mixed with soda water. Or vodka. 

And we went for a walk. And I saw some wild elder flowers. 

So I made some. 

It's delicious. 

And now for a parade. 

Seizing summer! Hooyah!!

She said, CANDY!!!

Where's the candy?


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