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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

a little patch of happy

I'm having one of those weeks. Already. Last week was like this too. It's a rut. A summer rut. Seizing the moment. Living up summer. Try try try. 

Today feels like. Fail fail fail

Everything seems to be not working out. And right after I start talking about it. Putting it out there. Hawaii is case in point. (Sure come teach. For two years. And oh we are a non profit so you need to raise your own salary.... Um. No?)

I'm not sure what to do about homeschool groups next year and it's honestly stressing me out to the point of tears. 

Dada is having a time of it pushing into his new career. Oh. It is going to happen, just taking time. More than we had hoped. So he does contract work. Slaving away at our hole in the wall home office while I take the kids to the lake and etc. trying to stay out of his hair. 

Little miss waking up with a fever. A chicken getting snatched up into the forest by a predator. The garbage collection people forgetting our trash two weeks on a row. (Which seriously stressed me out) And my new iPhone is back ordered. DAMMIT. 

And it's hard. It's okay to write that right? I can't be one of those blogs where everything is shiny and bright and pretty. Because let's face it mostly it feels like life is shoveling the shitty out of the way right now, trying to just clear out a little patch of happy among the shitty. You know? This is my season of life anyhow. 

Okay fine. It's this week. 

Yes. I'm melancholic by nature. 


At least I admit it. You know?

So. Here is to a little patch of happy. And shoveling shitty out of the way. 

Cheers mamas. 

Berry rhubarb jam

Green beans to freeze. 

Compost tea for the garden. (Egg shells, banana peels and coffee grounds in water!) 

Gorgeous long walks. 

Building a fort with dada

Corn on the cob at the county fair. 

Proudly checking out books with his own library card. 

A visit with my sweet baby sister. 

Finding a vintage well know label dress for $5 at the thrift store. 

Successfully crafting spool and bead dolls with the kids. 

Enjoying the first tomatoes of the season in a BLT. 

And of course my garden. 

And now. Put little miss down for a nap. Take some headache medicine. And read to the kids. Here is to August!


  1. Lovely post I've had a shitty couple of days so it was nice to read your post. Love photos jam looks yummy xxxx

    1. aw. bummer. hope your week this week was better emma!

  2. Love the ninja doll! Someone has to protect the flower dolls!

  3. I should post a how-to for the dolls. they were so fun and so easy to make!


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