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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

and so it begins - school year 2014-15


But mom can we Pleeeease start today??

Fine. I say. 

And so we do. 

Such is the life of the unstructured homeschooler. Ha. 

Of course I kinda started in on things last week-there is some method to my madness, I swear. More on that later. 

And we've been doing art and nature journaling all summer, oh and so much reading too! 

But for now, we start. Last night we all stayed up till 11 to watch the meteor shower, after getting out books at the library on the topic. Today we read more and wrote some about it and drew pictures. And I threw in some math and phonics for good measure. 

And it is good to be back into a rhthym. But good grief that summer went by fast!

Happy back to school week!!

My new favorite sign. 



  1. a good teacher, eager to learn students, and handsome children! Made me so lonesome to see you. love, g'ma


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