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Friday, August 29, 2014

whilst ignoring the children

Mom. The girls are fighting. 

I can hear that. 

Shouldn't you DO something about it?

Hmmm. How does that cloud look?

Fine. Mom. Come on. They're probably gonna kill each other. 

Nah. They won't. Hmmm... I know more grey! 

Shrieking ensues. 

And more grey totally helped. 

I think I'm getting the hang of clouds.

I'm also digging the artsy mama thing. 

When it rains all day, paint a blue sky, right?

PS. They totally happily played after this conversation (for ten whole minutes) and did not in fact kill each other. At all. 

The inspiration photo...I made the horizon too high so the road is too central. Otherwise I like it. 


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