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Sunday, August 17, 2014

august, thus far, in pictures

Its hard for me to get my act together posting in August. Garden exploding. School starting. And its hot. But there is a hint of fall on the trees and I remember that WINTER IS COMING. MUST SPEND EVERY MOMENT OUTSIDE.

So. That is what happens.

So here are some photos.




I am going to resolve to be a less lazy blogger this fall though, maybe like even Tuesdays and Thursdays, nice and predictable like. Wouldn't that be so organized of me?? You know how I feel about September (see this post) It is all about GETTING SHIT ORGANIZED and I feel the need, every year, to make new start of the fall resolutions. This shall be one of them. And I shall name it George. And hold him and squeeze him and love him forever.

That just came out of somewhere.

Can you tell we just got back from camping??? Entire extended fam. Tents. Randomly deflating air mattress. 90 degree heat.  Multiple swims at the pool with kiddies DAILY. Loud rock concerts, across the path from our tent, until midnight.



So, that is what that was. Exhausted brain mama. George. The organized blogging resolution.

I will stop now.

But more about resolutions for September. I need to think on this one.

For now. PICTURES. August. Yay.

The below is our pre-school-start-getting-ready-for-school efforts.

Matching games with letters and shapes.

Digging up a "how to make a paper airplane airforce" book. And making THEM ALL.

Starting our fall astronomy unit....

By staying up late to watch the Perseids meteor shower...

Which of course required MARSHMALLOWS.

Happiness, after eating a marshmallow

Boy has mad marshmallow skills.

Cuddling while we wait for the stars to come out.


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  3. Sorry June my phone is making mental comments this morning!!!! Great idea about George! I'm dreading the arrival of winter it last so long in the Uk and summer is soo swift. Can feel autumn freshness this morning xxxx


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