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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

miss five year old


Five years?

I. Just. Cant. Even.

She is alive...

Five is a very alive age, isnt it???

They see everything. Want to be a part of everything. But it hasnt quite gotten to the age of questioning everything, not yet. Instead we just love everything at five. Everything is full of joy. Except being forced to eat vegetables or something I guess. Going to bed early. Sharing your new doll with your sister.

But every day is just accepted as what it is.

This is how our Green Girl gets up every morning. Hi mama. Hi baby. What wonderful things await us today??

And she really is, I mean, you can't pick favorites but....HAHAHA.

Seriously. This girl. And like her name she is life bringing. Resilient. So strong. So capable.

We decided to end her time at the little kindy program on campus, opting instead to homeschool one last year with her before she is old enough for the half day program at the kids Waldorf school. There were reasons. Mostly because we wanted to slow down her academics a bit. There is time for coloring in the lines and walking quietly and pushing in your chair after snack and working on small letters with a diligent little face and homework (!!) yes. Time for all that. Later.

For now we sing our morning song and find things that start with the letter of the day and run errands with dad and  walk with mom to meetings at the cafe finding birds and visiting the farm for fresh papaya.

And all is well. And we are so so grateful for her.


we visited our fav town and farmers market, at birthday girls request, then went over the other side of the island for a parade

walking to a tiny parade in a tiny town on the other side of the island

giant baby man

thats it??? the parade is over??? WHERES THE CANDY??? HA.


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