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Saturday, January 5, 2013

cozy saturday and rainbow silks tutorial

Dada just left with all three kids in go to Costco...on a himself...did I mention the three kids part?? He is my hero.

And so I sit. In my pajamas. In our cozy family room. Next to our cozy wood stove. AHHHHH...

Technically I am supposed to be working on school planning. I've made a masterful excel spreadsheet for school, and now I'm filling it in with the resources and ideas from 700+ pinterest pins on school topics. Yikes, right? Its been fun though, to see it all coming together, planning our unit studies around the seasons, or things we plan on doing this summer (going to see Mount Rushmore! Perfect for a study of the presidents and US geography!)

I am a homeschool geek mom.

So, yes, technically I am supposed to be doing this. But for now. I am drinking in the silence. The wood stove is crackling next to me. The sun is streaming bright and shining. The house isnt clean but, eh, it'll wait.

Silence. Oh.... Quiet. The giggling happy noises of kids are happy too (less so when they are screamy whiney noises, which we have had a lot of post-holidays. Do your kids do this too? Its like we are detoxing over her some days...) But silence is a special kind of happy tonic for mother's in the trenches of the little years.

my chair

So. I am loving our little family room these days, especially sunny days. It is cozy and bright and happy. We have couches made out of pallets, with twin mattresses on top. Perfect for jumping on, beating up, late night lounging with a sleepy baby in my arms, and yes, for visitors too. Then we have our little gnome world set up. Which yes, is for me more than anything. And our school corner.

prayer flags my brother brought back from tibet

what any floor should look like on a saturday morning

kicking back in her pooh chair

this is her latest face, stinkface we call it, where she whines, and
says adorable things. her latest (kind of amazing for a 15 month old, we think)
"i want bacon too!" ummm...also things like,
"evah-deen (her version of her name) want dada".
or "my dada go home, hug evahdeen"
its kinda crazy.

fuzzy pic but, dont you want to lounge there??

alphabet and season tree on the wall.

And then dada made a playstand (with plans to make another for a little fort) and I dyed some raw playsilks for it for Christmas. I love to imagine it as a little rainbow cubby space for the girls especially, once its finished.

I LOVE these playsilks. They are so bright and happy. You would pay like 25$ for these at a store (Sarah's silks being the most popular) I bought mine from the Dharma Trading Co. for maybe 6$ for the bigger size, and dying them was literally the easiest thing in the world. LITERALLY. (My Cali girl past coming out there, sorry. HA.)

I would show you pics of the dying process however, it unfortunately occurred when I had morphed into a crafting for Christmas ogre, Christmas eve, late at night, while holding a sleepy feverish baby (no seriously, I was HOLDING HER, ASLEEP. Yes. I was crazed.) which then led to a late night discussion with dada over my craftying zealotry this Christmas, and perfectionism, and letting things go, and well, etc.

So I have no pictures.

But I DID get the silks finished in time. And they ARE beautiful.


Here is how I did it.

Get three pot, filled with water, bring water to a near boil. Add a glug of vinegar to each. Then add a few drops of red in one, a few drops of yellow in another, anda few drops of blue in the third. Turn off your burners. Place an end the red and an end of the silk in the blue, yes, at the same time. If you want less of a line and more of a blended effect I'd recommend dipping the ends in and out so there isnt a line of color. Now, after maybe 15 minutes of soaking, dipping, slowly carefully take the empty middle section and pull it into the third pot, with the yellow solution. Push enough of the red and blue section into the yellow so you get green and orange, but leave a good bit of red and blue out of the pot too. After 15 minutes of yellow soaking carefully pull the whole thing out, into a bowl, and rinse out in cold water. Now lay flat to dry.


I made one a bright vivid rainbow (yes redundant of me), this was he first silk, obviously, and one more of a pastel-y one, with the leftover dye. To make pinkish instead of red, like I did, just add one or two drops of blue to the red pot. Then I added two drops of green to the blue pot, to get more of a turquoise. Proceed as above.

Isnt this great? Do I love these more than my children? YES. Oh well. Christmas crafty ogre mama learned her lesson. Let's hope I remember it by next year.



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