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Monday, January 14, 2013

going about the business of living

You know what I mean right? You come into these phases of life where, well, LIFE just takes over. It just IS. And it rolls on. And the doing of it all, well, its all consuming.

This is where I am.

If its not stoking the fire (BURN, BABY, BURN!) then its out giving the chickens hot water to combat the sub zero temps, then running inside, with stinging cheeks (yes, THAT COLD) to stoke the fire again, then to the kiddies to read a story (we are currently doing Animal Stories by Burgess, and Greek gods and heroes, both on or do math, or play a game (the kids are obsessed with games this winter, Uno, Go Fish, Checkers, Scrabble, Candyland...I am NOT a game person. SMILE. Okay, ONE MORE ROUND. SMILE)

Oh, and then there is miss baby toddler. Miss baby toddler is terribly terribly adorable right now and terribly terribly busy and terribly terribly a lot of work. She is teething, those big bad molars in the back, and refuses to nap unless she is in the car or in the Ergo on my back. And she is ridiculously verbal. So there is no second guessing or ignoring of her wants. ("I want my milk, mama." She says, pulling at my shirt. Well then.) I've never been a blogger mama with a baby this age. Little miss was a tad older when I started. And I gotta say. What with the homeschooling and the chicken/fire tending. And the Miss Baby Toddler chasing. Well, lots of living, less time for blogging. As it is, it is now 10:23. Baby toddler miss is finally asleep. Dada just came and sat to talk and I was literally like, um, I'm talked out. Please, just leave me to my celebrity gossip site! (Come on though, its the post Golden Globe gossip run down. Best ever!) Isnt that awful of me? Talked out. Totally in "go mode" for 14 hrs. I cant do more than that. Mama needs her own thoughts now. Mama no talk. Mama ALL DONE.

School is going, and going well. Turns out its quite the relief being done with the alphabet story. Now we can just go ahead and learn phonics and practice reading. We are making readers of his favorite stories from the fall. The first was The Fisherman and His Wife, by Grimm Brothers. Next we are doing the one about the fox, from the letter X. He is super into it. Writing ACTUAL SENTENCES. I love to think of him having a little collection of books he wrote himself by the end of the year. Then the Greek god myths, which he begs for more of. And then our little gnome-y math stories. And I am going to start a book, "A Child's History of the World" soon. And French. And I was gonna do some basic science too. Maybe later?

Okay. In any case. Clearly I am tired. Clearly I have a lot on my plate. What mom doesnt though, right?

In any case. In any case. In any case.

Life is being lived.

And I sit in front of the crackling fire, rocking my baby to sleep, and yes, its a good life to live.


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