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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

for the kiddies

Every now and then I try to be "nice mom" you know, as opposed to mean grouchy mom (said with a winky face guy here).

Today was that day. Okay, for 15 minutes at least. I saw this marble run made out of tubes from paper towels, etc, on Pinterest and I thought, hmm the kids would like they, I should make that. So we did.

It kept the kiddies occupied for approximately 22 minutes after we finished building it.

Ah, but what blissful 22 minutes they were! Ha!

It was fairly simple to make, but we should've started higher to use more tubes. In any case, just gather up some tape, boxes, and tubes, and a couple marbles and go for it! Oh, we did two separate starting points so they could race.


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