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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

i resolve...

Yea, its cliche, but every year I really do appreciate taking the last few days of the old year to contemplate changes in the new.

This year, well, we are in a new house. I have a new little person who is no longer a baby but very much a PERSON, with DESIRE and NEEDS and WANTS (mama mama hold you! mama HOLD YOU!) And we are homeschooling. And suddenly my influence on my kiddies feels heavier, more real. And because I dont have a newborn, nor do I plan on such for a good long spell, that makes me go inward a little. Hey there Sara, so, HOW ARE YOU DOING?? You know? is what I have been contemplating. How about you?

  • Getting up earlier...starting the day with a cup of coffee in my chair, by myself, before kiddies awake, makes me so MUCH nicer, having a few minutes to breathe, pee, etc, before the chaos begins. NEED TO DO THIS. Probably starting next week. HA.
  • Letting go...letting go of a messy house during the day, not having the perfect craft planned once a week, etc.
  • Playing more...relaxing with and ENJOYING my kids more. This sounds trite but its hard for me lately to just turn off like this and just BE.
  • Posting more blog posts, with better pictures. What crap pictures I have been offering lately! YIKES. Try to get more bloggy action going. (Advertisers? No idea how to do this...)
  • Starting a new blog, something like a homestead-y adventures/Wendell Berry-esque kind of thing. Would you read it??
  • Writing more. Period. Working on my abandoned NaNoWriMo project.
  • Learning more. Educational podcasts, starting with poetry (I found a series of lectures by Alice Walker) and whats going on in economic theory these days. (Confession, I love economics, half my major in college.) My brain misses thinking.
  • Yoga classes, weekly. Time to get June in shape folks.
  • Being outside with the kids more. Gardening, chickens, five acres of woods, we are getting this one going already, but its easy to let the days slip by without the effort (and in winter its EFFORT) but its so great for them.
  • Gluten free, sugar free. At least for a month or two to detox my body a bit. As soon as I finish off the Christmas chocolate that is. HA HA.
Ambitous maybe, perhaps, maybe, yes, I dont know. Its like, I just need to keep at it. I'm not saying, oh hey lets check it all off the list, you know? Just more of the journey, one foot in front of the other, and all these things are kinda where I am at, I guess.

What about you mamas?


  1. I love resolutions. I have kept a few (the most important being quitting smoking in 2003--can't believe that I ever did that!). Mostly, I love the time to reflect and reemerge with a better understanding of life. Good luck keeping yours--ambitious goals are good!


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