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Thursday, January 31, 2013

anti-recipe #58 homemade yogurt and gluten free biscuits worth writing home about

And yes, Mom, I'm talking to YOU.


Seriously though, these biscuits are amazing. I should know. I just ate three. And, unlike most other gluten free attempts these actually taste BETTER than regular biscuits. I know, right???

SO, what does yogurt have to do with it? Well, there is yogurt IN the biscuits. AH HA, you say!

And I know I've written about making yogurt before but seriously, you need to try it.

Yogurt. Heat up around 1.5 qts of milk (WHOLE milk), to 105-110 degrees. If it gets too warm, just let it cool or add more milk. Stir in a cup of store bought yogurt. Stoneyfield really is the best. Plain yogurt. Or a cup of yogurt from your last batch.

Make sure its still at 105-110 degrees. Now heat up your oven for just a minute, just so its warm enough to warm your hand when you hold it inside, but NOT enough to blast hot air on your face when you open it. Turn the oven off. Cover your pot of milk with tinfoil (this needs to be an all metal pan, by the way) Place in the oven.


Dont stir, but every now and then test the temp. If it cools down too much, rev up your oven again for a bit. DONT walk away and forget you did this while changing a diaper or stopping a fight about whose blue ninja minifigure is whose. If you do this and run back into the kitchen (yelling shit shit shit the yogurt!!!!) DONT grab the pot out of the oven WITHOUT A POT HOLDER. YOU WILL BURN YOURSELF. If you do this (who me??) let it cool, add more milk to pull the temp back down quickly. If the temp gets above 120 the yogurt will curdle. All is not lost though, if you happen to have done this, because if you let it strain through cheesecloth your yogurt cheese will be PERFECT in lasagne, spread on toast, etc.

But yogurt, we want yogurt.

So, dont let it get that hot. In five or six hours you will have yogurt! And really its SO good. It may seem runny at first but once it settles down you can pour out some whey (SAVE IT! adds great to soup or baking, instead of water, for added nutrition!!) Then it becomes much creamier. I just ate a fe bites of week old yogurt as I was making the batch today and it was SO good. Totally creamy and just like store bought!!

Ok. Add honey. Eat.

Now for the biscuits.

Two cups gluten free flour. I use Namaste flour brand, the "baking" one. Add three tsps baking powder. One tsp baking soda. 2-4 T butter, dash of salt. Now mix well, crumbling the butter. Now add a cup of yogurt! (plain) mix, form into round shapes, and bake at 450 for around 10 minutes (15 if you are using stoneware) this makes around 6-8 biscuits.

Smother with butter.

Then come and say thank you. HA.

I joke, this recipe is totally straight from Mark Bittman, except for the gluten free flour part. Also I added cheddar cheese tonight. To DIE for.

Okay. Its bedtime for kiddies. GO MAMA GO!


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