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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

June crafts for Christmas #6

So. I had meant to post my last few Christmas crafts, on Christmas eve, but alas. I did not. So here is a few tutorials. A toddler sword. An egg/garden produce gathering apron (which i love!). And a hobby horse, which is something more stores should sell. SO FUN.

Ok. Its new years day. I'm drinking coffee in front of our fire with a giant mug of coffee while the kids watch TOM AND JERRY. (or "Jeh-wey!" as baby says). I have a new years resolution type post brewing inside of me. More later today.

so this is making a toddler felt soft sword.
this is the inside. some cardboard. some stuffing

crooked, but babies dont care.

insert handles. sew over the whole thing. yes, your
sewing machine can sew through cardboard.
mine can at least.

the inside of the handle

a finished toddler sword

three swords for the three toddlers in my extended family

so here is my latest fun thing. a huge pocket apron,
perfect for gathering eggs or garden produce.
the pic is crap, sorry. but it gives you the general shape of
the front and back pieces

here is the front piece,  with trim around the edge of the pockets
and an iphone pocket. :)

this is supposed to be a picture of sewing the two pieces together.
in any case, sew the two pieces together and then turn right side out,
so you are sewing the sides, except for where the pocket is, and the bottom.
the top of both pieces get sewn into the tie, once you turn it right side out.

this is where, if i believed in pinning, i would pin.
however, i find pinning makes me impatient.
id rather have the patience to sew and have things be a tad
crooked than not have the patience for it at all.
this is also my problem with patterns.
in any case i found out if i sewed starting at the edge
of the apron and then went back and did the rest of the
tie i missed it was quite easy.
i turned the edges in, front and back, to prevent fraying
nothing like a nice fuzzy picture of your midsection to make you feel super great.
no baby junes in there, just too many holiday sweets. HA.

so here is making hobby horses for the two big kids.
notice the beer. nothing like crafting on christmas eve while drinking. HA.

little misses girly horse.

put on top of dowel. VOILA.

this is when we told her "what a beautiful princess" she replied "yea, i know. and i'm awesome".


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