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Friday, March 4, 2011

happy things

So, I was just chatting with my mother and she informed me that next week we are supposed to get 20-30 inches of snow in a massive three day storm.



To make myself feel better I decided to do a post of things around the house that make me happy.

a little bouquet of flowers, to distract one's eye from
the piles of snow outside, next to a super duper
scented candle from Ikea.

i made this garland of flowers for baby girl's room. but, i decided
my window was in more dire need of flowery decorations...
again with the distracting from the snow.

oranges. i love oranges with this pregnancy. its crazy.

an "ugly quilt" found at a thrift store for TWO BUCKS. love
the bright colors!

living room shelves organized with educational books,
games, mama's crafting gear, and my books.

junk literature, awaiting a free moment........

my bright red tea kettle. i LOVE it.

drinking fruity tea with my boy.

a reminder for the rough moments....

...aptly hanging over this mess...

my new "corner office" (HA HA)
 meant to entice me to work whilst the children are
happily playing around me....

and then there are these two....


  1. ok, mom, if you are reading the weather channel says only 12-18 inches max. PHEW.

    what am i saying...seriously that is just as bad. ridiculous. lets relocate, okay??

  2. I am reading and I am glad my source was wrong..I can't wait for green growing things much longer. I may have to get creative and do some painting. Maybe painting flowers will work.......

  3. thanks allison! it was super easy to make... (cut round circles, bunch up, cut out leaves, sew onto long fleece pieces...)

    mom - i changed the kids noisemaker to crickets tonight. i am listening to them from the other room and can ALMOST pretend i am hearing them from outside...(if it werent for the sweater and blanket i am huddled in to stay warm...)

  4. I love the corner office! You have some finely honed survival skills for those crazy midwest winters. Cuddle up and keep warm!!


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