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Monday, March 14, 2011

waiting, waiting, waiting.

Good grief. Have I not posted in five days? What a lazy blogger. Not a lazy mommy though. My word the days are busy...this writing class and W.I.P. is kicking my, er, tush. I am barely keeping the house presentable. Dada suggested inviting someone to dinner last minute on Sunday. Ummm. Maybe next week?? The bathroom is particularly scary. Seriously I am thinking, maybe a maid service once a month?? Is that horrible of me?? You would think a stay at home mom could keep her bathroom smelling fresh. Although that is more the fault of the four year old boy, if you know what I mean.

So, yes, waiting. Isn't March just a waiting month? Will it or will it not be warmer today? Will the snow melt? Will the sun be out? Will I ever see green grass and leaves again? Normally I am okay with the wait. It's nice to have one last cozy evening with snow, soup, fresh made biscuits, knitting, etc. All those lovely winter things. Instead I am ITCHING to be done with winter. Like can hardly stand it. AT. ALL. Its the restless kiddies that are mainly doing me in. How wonderful it would be to sit in the sunshine reading a book (rather than shivering in my parka) while the kids play in the warm green-ness of outside. Or, to load them up into the stroller for a walk to the park, the flower gardens, the nature trails all around us.

Oh. Oh. Oh.

I am torturing myself. We are weeks away from this.

baby girl has recently conquered the "L" sound. so her new
favorite phrase is "HeLLLLLLLLO there!"
So instead, today, I did what all Minnesotans do. Pack up the kiddies and head to the Mall of America. That blessed sanctuary of tourists and materialism only a short drive from my house. The kids split a hot cocoa. I got a chai. We walked with friends for a bit but then when they left we headed to Legoland and played and then circled around the Nickolodeon theme park in the center of the Mall, feeling the sun on our heads (through the glass ceiling up above) looking at the trees and flowers planted, and trying out all the quarter kiddie rides we could find.

It was kind of perfect. I am going to try and do one outing like this every Monday with them. Just to have a little fun. Or to try and get boy to stop saying things like "Mom, I am having SUCH a miserable day!!"

our double stroller has a dead tire.
this was the compromise...

But still, the waiting presses in on me. Waiting for my belly to stop looking like I overindulged this winter and start looking like an actual person is growing in there. (Dont you HATE that in between phase??) Waiting to find out if we are relocating for dada's work (oooh, New Orleans? Tampa? Santa Barbara? The possibilities! I of course am loving the idea of sunshine year round....) Its just a lot of waiting. And if you know me you know I am rather impatient.

Well, in any case. I will do some crafty/inspiring type posts this weekend. For now. Waiting. Waiting. For inspiration. Sleep. Sun. Green. Answers. Bellies. Etc. Etc.


  1. Sara, thank you so much for stopping by Mother Words! I look forward to following your blog. (And oh, do I know what you mean about winter and waiting. I'm going to get outside and soak up some vitamin D today if it kills me!)

  2. Get a house cleaner! Mine costs 50 bucks -she's the best person in the world! Who cares, I'd find it in the grocery budget, you need it. Ever mom should have a house cleaner.


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