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Friday, March 18, 2011

something from nothing, or really ugly at least

So. It has been glorious outside. Okay, relatively speaking. Glorious to me=sunshine, temps above 40. Good enough. We have been spending a good chunk of the afternoon outdoors, we even made it to the park!

Last week, however, was not so nice. So, to make myself feel better I sat the kids in front of Wall E one afternoon and went to town on a stack of ugly, and I mean UGLY, clothing. Pleated pants, sweater vests, etc. Okay, no, one shirt was super cute but ripped and stretched out.

Here is what happened.

see, already super cute. i just shortened the
sleeves and mended the rips...

terrible picture. she REFUSED to pose.
but it is super cute.

So, now we move on to the ugly sweater shirt thing. Really, who wears these?
i cut out a rough dress shape, i should've made
it tighter...
you cant tell here but i stitched the pockets on
with a super cute leaf stitch...
also, i would like to note, i had to bribe them with
JELLY BEANS to get them to pose.
i made a matching head scarf thingy.
i like it. it should be smaller though.
Now for little man. A pair of dada's pants with pleats. Why do men buy pants with pleats? One reason. Sales. Also, I was out of the country when he bought them.
pants are so super easy to make. just cut
out along a pair of pants that fit your child
well, add in a waist band. sew in elastic.
add some pockets. VOILA.
okay, not that easy. I ripped out the waistband
and redid it because there wasnt enough room
in the rise. they are still low waisted but, oh well
notice the super cool pose. this is
what jelly beans get you folks!

large pocket for dragging around crap.

And we can't forget about baby (though I do, most days! What me? Pregnant? Are you sure I am not just FAT???)
this was my first ever purchase at "THE GAP" when it was
a super cool store, back in the early 90s. super soft jersey
waffle shirt and pants. i miss this shirt..

but it made a REALLY cute hat!!

And now for mama...

this is a "circle scarf" out of jersey fabric to warm one's neck
i seriously love it. going to go make more now...
just used a long scrap of jersey. i didnt even finish off the edges!

i think i like it better as a head wrap!! totally
making more for summer.
And those are my creations. I love something from nothing, don't you??


  1. LOVE the circle scarf! What were the dimensions of the piece of jersey? The ruffle shirt/dress is SO cute, and the giant crap-dragging-around pocket is genius--bc it saves you from having to hold all the crap. Just remember to empty it before it goes in the washer!! LOL!

  2. That head scarf thing on your little one is amazing.

  3. I love making stuff from clothes in the giveaway pile. Looks like you had a busy sewing day!!

  4. tracy - the piece was around five feet long and eight inches wide. but i would say to take a big piece and drape it around your neck (mine goes around 3 times, or even four) and see what is comfortable to you. same for the head scarves, i actually just made more by cutting the bottoms off of cute shirts that were stained or ripped and simply looping that around my head twice. no sewing!
    allison - the head scarf for missy girl is the sleeve cut off of the sweater if i could get her to keep it on :)
    mgg-i wish it was a whole day...someday...ha ha!

  5. this is where i got the idea for the circle scarves (i shouldve linked!) she uses two layers, sews, and turns inside out for a nice snuggly scarf. also, arent her dreads AMAZING??


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