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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Standing in the sunshine
Eyes closed
Birds overhead welcoming the green
Calling it forth
Like priestesses, performing the ritual that is spring
A dance and a hop and a bobbing head
Flittering flight from tree to tree
Now soaring high
Crying out to each other of things to come
And I am aware
Of tingling fingers
Sharp bite of a breeze on my cheek
Snow and ice still underfoot
Yet up they call to me
Look up
Look at us
We know what is next
And the dance continues
And the green will come
Just as it is beckoned


  1. Ohhh, Spring! My daughter and I were just discussing how happy the birds sounded this morning, bc it's sunny and warm. Of course, this is much more eloquent than our conversation, but the feeling is the same.

    I love blackberry poetry! :-)


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