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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

today's zen parenting moment

My children are at each other's throats today. Okay, fine it isn't THAT bad. But with a doctor's appointment to go to and a denist appointment later (fun day for me, huh?) and a trip to the airport at rush hour, well, my nerves are like UP TO HERE. You know how it is.

So, when I realize they are being quiet, (crap, what ARE THEY DOING!?) and find them like this, even if just for 10 minutes, it totally makes my day. 

again with the pillows and the cozy nest, not in the living room this time at least!

They are now back to jumping on the bed. It was good while it lasted, right?

P.S. Oh, and anybody out there remember the show "Blossom"? The girl who starred in that (and is now on "Big Bang Theory") is Mayim Bailik and she just wrote this fabulous article (and I am not one to throw around the word "fabulous" lightly, like some Sex in the City girl) about bed-sharing with your kids. YOU MUST READ IT. I love her.

That is it for me from today. Off to the dentist. Good times, good times.


  1. Nice article- I find I make apologetic speeches for sleeping with my daughter all the time but really its just because my pride doesn't want people thinking I'm THAT parent (whatever that is) more than I think its bad for her. I like the more than one mattress idea too! :)


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