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Monday, March 7, 2011

three. children. really??

There is something about having a third child that is slightly overwhelming to me. Okay fine, its really overwhelming sometimes.

It isn’t really the logistics of it all.

I run around like a crazed person all day anyway, what is a third little body to chase, right? Okay, I do get that we will now be going from “man to man” defense to a “zone” defense in parenting as my sport-minded brother-in-law says. Yes, that is different.

I may never sit down again.

And yes, I will not be simultaneously growing a third arm to hold hands whilst crossing the street, or walking through a “look, don’t touch!” store, etc. But really, with a sling/Ergo at the ready at least until the kid is 18 months or so, I can handle that.

This kid is going to be spending a lot of time in the Ergo.

(Ooo, maybe an excuse to buy a new soft carrier! I’ve been wanting to get a Mei Tai. Any tips on good brands??)

So, not logistics.

No, here is the real thing that has me freaking out.

How am I old enough to be the mother of three children???

Three?? I mean, one kid, sure. Two kids, still kinda playing house. Right? Your boy, your girl, you can sit at a table for four, still travel in a sedan comfortably, still live in a two bedroom duplex just fine.


Three kids is like, you need a house! An honest to God single family house. With a big yard. More than two bedrooms for sure. And well, forget about borrowing or renting the cheaper sedan when you travel. You can’t fit three carseats in a sedan!


Two kids is still like pretending at this mommy business. Three is like, “Dang, I have KIDS. THREE OF THEM.”


Hopefully it won’t actually be that different. Is it? I don’t know. It seems like much more…real.

I think I am going to go downstairs and sew baby hats.

My head hurts, its snowing out, little man just turned on Christmas music. Oh and did I mention what my living room looks like? Yes, it looks like this:

but mom, its our nest! we are being cozy babies!
Definitely time to retreat to the sewing machine, don’t you agree?


  1. Totally make a mei tei! A friend made mine and my mom made my sister's so she might have some tips but there are tons of patterns online to make them from.

  2. sara... it will be ok! i promise!! and i love that you went to your sewing machine....


  3. the shock is just the adjustment to the idea and then the adjustment to the reality (which really just becomes a real sense of completion). it's doable anywhere and anyway you make it yours.
    my kids loved (and occasionally still love) making those living room piles. i always tried to calm down and endure it with patience. someday there will be no more nests in the living room.

  4. I have a pattern for the mei tei and I'd be happy to share! I'm actually going to make about three more in a production line fashion for baby gifts. Although I followed the direction to the letter for the first one, I would make a few changes on future ones.
    Let me know if you're interested in the pattern.

  5. ooh, tammy i would love the pattern! is it hard to do? i am not great at following patterns and directions...
    thanks stacy! kisses.


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