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Friday, November 18, 2011

anti-recipe #41 erin's "christmas crack" chocolate cracker toffee things

I had a crappy day. I tried to go to play group and it turned out badly, very badly.

Suffice it to say when I came home I needed chocolate, badly, very badly.

So, as the children watch PBS Kids (yes, I know, a lot lately, I feel terrible about it Not that terrible I guess. HA.) I sneak in the kitchen ("Just making dinner, my darlings!" That should have tipped them off, mom in the kitchen? cooking? WHAT??) And I make the below concoction.

I totally didnt come up with it, and it totally is a for real recipe from my friend Erin, so its kind of cheating to call it an anti-recipe BUT it is good enough to share, so here it is.

And yes, the crack is in reference to how good it is. Its now barely cooled in the freezer and I have already broken off a giant corner to nibble on, sneakily, while the children play. (Hurray, the tv is finally off!)

So. Pre-heat oven to 350. While you wait line a cookie sheet with tinfoil. Then line up a whole bunch of Saltine crackers on the tinfoil, you know, the stale ones stuck in the back of your cupboard that you bought when your kid was puking but no one actually eats Saltines, so there they sit. So, yea, get those out.

Then you melt a stick of butter, yes people, a FULL STICK, and no you can not use margarine. (ICK) Then when its nice and melting dump in a full cup of brown sugar, stirring, heat on medium high, until the mixture bubbles - and this is key - you have to let it go like this maybe 3 or even 5 minutes for the sugar granules to get smooth, otherwise your toffee part will be a bit grainy, delicious sure, but its better when its smoother. I never EVER get this part right. I really should time it.

Now, spread this bubbly golden yummy mixture on top of your crackers. Bake for 5 or so minutes.

Pull the tray out and sprinkle around a cup of chocolate chips on top. Wait for 10-15 minutes as the chocolate melts then take a spoon or spatula and smooth out the melty chocolate chips to cover the crackers.

Now the "anti-recipe" part, you can sprinkle with any kind of other goodies. Nuts for sure, I dont know, crushed peppermint? I am not really into crushed peppermint things but, ohh, maybe some kind of candy like a Heath bar? I am a purist but I do sprinkle some sea salt on top. Hmmm...

Let sit and cool for a bit, then put cookie sheet and all into the freezer for an hour or so.

Break apart and store in tupperware....if there is any left by the time it cools.

Sure to get your crappy Fridays cured right quick. Or, at least better. HA.

Enjoy. And thank Erin!


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